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Meet the fuel for your service business. Manage bookings, payments, marketing and more with growth & productivity built in.

Designed To Service Your Needs

Manage your class & appointment schedules icon

You need clients. Regular clients.

It’s why we help you build a community. Our unique ‘Marketplaces’ technology positions your business at the centre of something that lasts. And something that matters.

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You need to schedule bookings. Quickly and easily.

Our platform enables you to accept payments seamlessly, no matter where you are. Build your next landing page without hassle.

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Run Your Business Right from Your Phone

Access your business tools and manage your operations directly from your phone. No coding skills required. Create your next landing page effortlessly.

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Valuable Insights About Your Business

Get valuable insights and data to make informed decisions about your business.

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Market Your Business Simply & Automatically

Effortlessly market your business with our automation tools. No coding required. Build your next landing page easily.

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Explore New Marketplaces

Discover and expand into new marketplaces effortlessly. No coding required. Start building your next landing page now.

Why Fibodo

Being a service business owner is tough. Real tough. Finding something that makes it easier to run, gets you more clients and builds a community for future success, can only be good. Very good.

Who We Help

Independent professionals, SMEs and global enterprises. Anyone selling a service can build their business and streamline their workflow with Fibodo. 1000’s of therapists, sports coaches, fitness and golf pros already are.


24/7 Schedule Management

Let clients book, manage and update booking all day, every day. Enjoy an auto-updating real-time diary and manage your clients, groups and courses within the rules you set. Simply.



The more people see you, the more chance they’ll buy. Our unique Marketplaces technology gives you free access to existing groups of interested and paying customers. And you can set up your own Marketplaces and sales channel. It’s all about community.


Personalised App

Direct message your clients, personalise and automate notifications, so that they are relevant, timely and highly visible. Want to get at the centre of your cient’s lives? Here’s the app for it.

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Up And Running In Minutes

Getting started with Fibodo is easier than ever. With a seamless onboarding experience, you can quickly create your profile, list your services, and start connecting with clients. Being a business owner in the service industry is tough. We’ll make it easier.

Why choose us

People choose us because we make life easier, easier to grow your business, easier to manage your business and making it easier for your clients to book your services.


Reduce costs, grow revenue, and run your business more efficiently with everything in one place.


Give your customers a great experience with the device they use most.


With Fibodo's marketplace feature, businesses and professionals can showcase their services to potential clients, opening up new opportunities for exposure and growth.


Get help with your mobile app. The easiest way to launch your own mobile app for iOS, Android, and Web. Build Your Own Community. Monetize Your Content.


Fibodo has many established clients within the leisure and golf industries, but as more businesses are learning about the benefits of using fibodo we are entering new markets every month.


Customers visit Fibodo every month to get their service done.


Satisfaction rate comes from our awesome customers.


Average customer ratings we have got all over internet.

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